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May 26th rehearsal

The rehearsal is on line at:

Brahms Req - movement 5, Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit, and at the end, Wie Lieblich/How Lovely.   If you fancy prepping:


To download music, click on the links below.

May 19th Rehearsal 

The rehearsal is now online at:

Main piece:  Faure Requiem, Libera Me
To conclude: Haydn Creation, Despairing, cursing rage
Download music- Faure Libera Me
Download music- Haydn Despairing cursing rage

Tuesday 12th  Rehearsal

Youtube link for the video

Let's work on Va Pensiero (i.e. Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves) from Nabucco as our main piece -
I think you did that at part of the Opera concert a few years back?   It's here:

And Cum Sancto Spiritu (from Vivaldi Gloria) as our finisher. It's here: - you'll just need pp. 67-79.

May 5th  Rehearsal

The rehearsal youtube link is here:


Elijah: Blessed are The Men - Download PDF

Faure Cantique de Jean Racine - Download PDF

 Blessed are the men who fear Him from Elijah - pp44-50 of the above pdf.  And we'll finish with Faure Cantique de Jean Racine( or in the ESM).

If people don't know either, listening links for parts for the Mendelssohn are: (sop) (alto) (tenor) (bass)

and here for the Faure:,_Op._11_(Gabriel_Faur%C3%A9) (under Audio Files section)


April 28th Rehearsal

To listen to 28th April rehearsal, click here.

 Domine Fili Unigenite from Vivaldi Gloria ( - so if people don't know it, would be worth a listen in advance:

Soprano -
Alto -
Tenor -
Bass -

And for the main work let's do both the Confutatis and Lacrimosa from the Mozart Requiem. ( and  We'll have time to go over parts, but there are similar listening guides online if anyone wants to prep!


Tuesday 21st April:

To listen to 21st April rehearsal, click here

I've uploaded the rehearsal here:

And made a weekly playlist of various interesting Easter music here:

We will be singing 'And The Glory of The Lord' (Handel Messiah) on rehearsal April 21st, from the score available on this download link:



Tuesday 14 April:

We'll sing Ave Verum Corpus – Mozart.  Very well known to many of you.  Those who don't know it, you're in for a treat.

Score is in the European Sacred Music book, or

We'll sing along with

And individual listening parts are here:


If you're finding the Music reading/rhythm practice bits of the rehearsal useful:

Try the sheets here:, especially the 4-4 Basic Rhythm Practice one.

Or search on youtube for a similar tutorial which suits you.

Or just watch the choir rehearsal again!


If you want to revise Wade in the Water/Motherless Child, various materials available here: if you want listening suggestions, you're in luck - it's Holy Week this week.  Regardless of whether you're Christian or not, some of the greatest Western music is directly inspired by the liturgy and texts from this week (not least the Bach St John and St Matthew Passions).  A wide variety is below - do have a listen to one or two things, if you have time.




20th century:

Ave Verum with score:-
Mozart Ave Verum:-
Palistrina Stabat Mater:-
Bach St John Passion:-

Tuesday 7th April

Please click the links below to download the music for Tuesday 7th July. 
They should save directly to 'Downloads' on you computer.
Tallis - If ye love me
Enjoy singing along to this before and after your on-line reheasal:
Happy viewing. 
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