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Hello everyone.

Welcome to Tim's online Tuesday night.

Tim's Spotify Play list

This list contains all the music we have used in rehearsal and some additional lovely music to listen to.

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June 30th Rehearsal

Hi All,  The rehearsal from last week is online at:

And the plan for next Tuesday is: theory and warm-up as usual, then go through the Agnus Dei/Dona Nobis Pacem.  Then, at 8:30, sing through the whole Coronation Mass, which is about 30 mins. Then it's goodbye for the summer break!  Hopefully a good way to end the term.

 In our June sessions we will work through the Coronation Mass.  As usual, we'll be able to do any note-bashing people want, and start to talk about some details, before picking it properly in September with the full choir.  If you want to start listening to your part, it's all here: 

It's not the greatest recording in the world, and the tempos aren't exactly my cup of tea.  But it's a real human voice.  We did the Kyrie last week, to be followed by a quick runthrough of the Credo, and finishing up with Ave Verum Corpus (we did this a while back, in March/April). 

If you'd like to buy the score, rather than keep printing off pages and pages, I'm using this edition, it's standard and pretty good.

Otherwise, we'll keep using this edition, for consistency:

Or to download a PDF of the whole score,

If you have another, I'm sure it'll be fine too (bar numbers are pretty consistent across editions). 

And lastly, last week's rehearsal is on youtube, for any revision/catch-up/theory practice:

Thanks all, Tim   

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