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Hello everyone.

Welcome to Tim's online Tuesday night.

Tim's Spotify Play list

This list contains all the music we have used in rehearsal and some additional lovely music to listen to.

You may need to download Spotify- free download.

June 2nd Rehearsal

Let's do the Credo from the Coronation Mass.  I'll be using the New Novello score, but any physical score should be fine.  For online/pdf/printing, I'd recommend the attached.  And definitely worth listening to your part in advance if you don't know it, it goes very fast: - Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass

To download music, click on the link below


May 26th Rehearsal

Jenny will send you the Zoom link by email along with PDFs of the music..
We start the rehearsal at 7.30, but Tim and Jenny will be there from 7pm to get everyone settled and have a chance to chat.  
Tim will then do a 15 minute theory session at 7.30p.m. and start warm up followed by singing at 7.45p.m.

Let's do two movts of the Brahms Req - movement 5, Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit, and at the end, Wie Lieblich/How Lovely.  Brahms is always a bit tricky, so we'll definitely make time to check notes in the rehearsal.  If you fancy prepping:


To download music, click on the links below.


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