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 Programme for 2019


 Saturday 1st June 2019.  7pm

 Haydn:   The Creation

The Minster Church of St Denys, Warminster
BA12 8PQ

Haydn Image 700 Dp

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 7pm for 7.30

Rehearsals resume


BA12 9NS



 Saturday 19th October 2019.  9.30am

All day Workshop

Warminster Baptist Church
BA12 9AD

Saturday 30th November 2019. 7pm 

Poulenc : Gloria

Vaughan Williams : Fantasia on Christmas Carols

Works by Mellisa Dunphy, Alice Tegner, Will Todd,      Joanna Gill and James MacMillan 

The Minster Church of St Denys, Warminster
BA12 8PQ 


Programme for 2020

Saturday 4th April 2020 at 7pm

Handel : Messiah

The Minster Church of St Denys, Warminster
BA12 8PQ


Saturday  6th June  2020 at 7pm

 The French Connection

Works by Durufle, Faure and Boulanger

The Minster Church of St Denys, Warminster
BA12 8PQ

Preparations are well in hand for the Athenaeum Singers performance of Haydn’s Creation at The Minster Church of St Denys in Warminster on Saturday 1st June.  The ‘heavenly host’ have been practising each Tuesday under the exacting baton of their conductor, Cole Bendall, who will be presenting his second concert with The Athenaeum Singers.  The British Sinfonietta, a leading independent orchestra, will be returning to Warminster to give life to the orchestral score.

Haydn tells the story of the Creation of the world based mainly on the biblical account in Genesis, dividing it into sections to mark the events of the six days.  He uses three soloists to take the roles of archangels who announce each new day and describe its events, with a chorus of angels adding praise to the creator.  Each of the soloists taking these roles has completed post graduate study at The Royal Academy of Music and are now embarking on solo careers.  Tamsin Raitt, soprano, plays the role of the archangel Gabriel: Harry Bradford, tenor, the role of Uriel: and Niall Anderson, bass, the role of Raphael.

In the third part of the work Adam and Eve enjoy the newly created world and and sing of their delight in it and each other. Two of the soloists assume new roles, Tamsin that of Eve, Niall that of Adam while Harry as Uriel narrates the events.   

The orchestra is very much part of Haydn’s representation.  It is left to them to portray the void before creation and the chaos that reigned, in which the brass section flourishes. The characterisation ranges from the sublime  depiction of sunrise to a portrayal of stormy seas. The music mimics the sounds and movements of the various animals as they take their place on the earth and is renowned for the inventive use of the wind instruments in portraying this.

Haydn himself saw composing The Creation as an act of religious devotion and said that a secret voice whispered to him,  “There are so few happy and contented people in the world; sorrow and grief follow them everywhere; perhaps your labour will become a source from which the careworn… will for a while derive peace and refreshment.”

Conductor Cole Bendall is full of enthusiasm for the piece. “Haydn’s Creation is one of those works that just has to be seen and heard to be believed. Thrilling tunes, inspiring text and incredibly vivid music makes this a marvellous piece of music. With a stellar choir, an amazing trio of soloists from the Royal Academy of Music and the ever magnificent sounds of the British Sinfonietta, this evening is bound to be a highlight of Warminster’s musical year. We’re very excited to bring this together.”

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