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Inspired by Peter's fund raising expedition last year, Charles has decided on a similar project, but this time by flight.

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"The plea - please help me raise money for these two very good causes."

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The Athenaeum Singers: 

Salisbury Hospital:


The Challenge - To fly the 360 miles between Warminster and Scotland by paramotor flight.

There's not a lot to it really... just a flimsy framework which doubles as a seat, a lawnmower (or similar) engine strapped to the back, a chute with a few strings.

 In fact, very little between you and the ground when you are flying at 200 metres!

 Take Off In Devon 500      

"Four years ago, I took up paramotoring which is powered paragliding and the most basic form of powered flight in existence.

No runways or tarmac; just a breeze in the face, some grass, and a bit of running to get into the air."

White Horse 01 

The Aim - to raise money for Salisbury General Hospital and The Athenaeum Singers of Warminster.


"A year ago, I had a messy mishap, three fingers of my right hand getting into the propeller when on the ground. 

They were MAGNIFICENTLY tidied up, one finger in particular being completely rebuilt.  This was done in Salisbury District Hospital. 

The rehabilitation effort by the plastics team, and then Wessex Rehab, in the hospital was beyond excellent.  I was back in the air in six months."

The Athenaeum Singers provided a useful diversion during his recovery- singing and a pint in the pub afterwards, was something you could do with one and a bit hands.


Maiden Bradley


The plan - to complete the journey in May 2019 when conditions are favourable.

"Since I fly though the air at 25mph, and drop out of the sky after 2 hours when the fuel runs out, I plan to make a series of two hour hops,

landing en route where people have offered fields, or at small airfields …. Or A N Other field if I get lost. 

Light wind from the SW will help; so I’ll choose my moment."



"My planned route is Warminster to the NE, passing S and then E of Leicester, and then up the eastern edge of the Pennines and the Cheviots,

to a field in the SE of Scotland just north of Berwick-on-Tweed. 

I will photograph and film the trip; so there should be plenty of evidence. 

And I will blog progress!

Self Flying 

Charles' letter to potential supporters 


Dear friends and family.


I am embarking on a fundraising campaign by making a paramotor flight from Wiltshire to Scotland in support of two causesboth of which mean a lot to me. 


  • the first is the 'plastics and rehab' elements of the Salisbury District Hospital who are in urgent need of certain equipments and who did a miraculous job on my right hand after an accident just over a year ago.
  • the second is the Athenaeum Singers, a classical choir with whom I sing, and a charity, which is in a phase of expanding outreach and engagement with younger people.

To bring attention to this campaign, I intend to fly by paramotor from Warminster to Scotland in May.


I have opened a blog which can be found at:

This gives a fuller explanation of all this and will contain updates on preparations and progress with the flight, plus access to two Just Giving pages.  These pages can also be reached direct as follows:


(If the links do not automatically load, please cut and paste into your browser.)

Any support you can give would be enormously appreciated; I KNOW funds will be well used.


With thanks and all best wishes








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